About Wild Watch

Cenovus is pleased to introduce Wild Watch!

This app has been built for you to share your observations or photos of local wildlife. You can see all records and your own observations at iwildwatch.ca

This app was built by Miistakis Institute for the Wild Watch program supported by Cenovus.

Getting your Android App

In order to directly download a third party app it is necessary to give permissions to third party applications in the device settings.

Once the permission has been provided, you may download and use the App.


Getting your iOS App

Currently you must be registered to use the iphone version of the app. In order to register please email your mobile device's UDID number to ken@rockies.ca

Once the UDID has been added to the app, you may download and use the App.


Getting your Blackberry App

If you are using a newer Blackberry 10 or better you may be able to side-load the android version of the app onto your device. This is not supported, but would love to hear from anyone using the app in this way and how we might make the process easier.

If you are using an older Bold version of Blackberry you can use our basic app which has reduced functionality. It can be downloaded here:



For any questions or further information, please contact us at: